I’m Kathleen, a Michigan native living in Memphis, TN. I’ve been down in memphis about 3 years and it’s such a beautiful city. Hot. So hot. But lovely. I’m 25, and through the last bundle of years I’ve been going through some kind times and some struggle filled times, but bakings been a constant for me, it keeps me sane.

I’ve always loved baking. There’s nothing like the art (and science) of creating fluffy cupcakes or gooey cookies that melt in your mouth. Cupcakes for Dinner was started as a place for me to record my semi-recent exploration of vegan baking for my former office’s Vegan Bake Off Challenge. It’s since expanded to a variety of delicious desserts (vegan and butter-filled), that I’ve worked on since 2012.

When I’m not baking, I’m building awesome websites. Like websites, cakes should be standards compliant (fluffy and moist) and made with high quality ingredients. Beauty isn’t just well piped icing, but a strong structure and flavor base.

Take a look around. Perhaps try some apple cider cupcakes

Hard Apple Cider Cupcakes

Or S’more Banana Bread

S’more Banana Bread

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